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Live & Private Classes

Live Classes

There is a certain kind of energy a full class can give. A community is formed and beautiful relationships may bloom. You may related more to this in studio but live virtual classes also give an energetic feeling knowing you're not alone.. which is a powerful experience and sense of peace & belonging. It also takes out the intimidating factor if you're new to yoga.


I strive to make each class as empowering as the last, having you finish feeling re-energized and amazing for whatever else you have to take on for the day. 

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The Virtual Studio

•  Live classes will be on instagram, details will be on my story on the app
•  All classes will be intermediate level with modifications offered for those who may be a beginner. 


Private Yoga Class

This is your class, on your time. Moving and letting me guide you through a flow created just for you.

Let's Connect

We will discuss your experience, interests and needs to make the class true to you

Let's Grow

Giving you an option to set goals (class bundle is recommended) for your mental, personal, and physical growth

Let's Be Aware

Connecting with your body with no distractions or intimidation

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Single sessions

60 min: $100

In person 60 min: $150

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Class Bundles

4 ONLINE for 60 min: $335

4 IN PERSON for 60 min: $500


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