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Giving Back

Lets Change Lives One Class At A Time
We are capable of the change we want to see in this world


Coming from a small orphanage in Siberia where I shared a room with 8 others to flying to the United States sharing a home with 6, I now call family. Not all children are this lucky, not all children find their forever home.


Giving Back 2.heic

(Passport To Forever)

Every year growing up, I participated I a fashion show where all the children from over 50 countries walked hand in hand representing their countries. It made us feel special to have family and friends cheering for us as we waved our countries' flags. We were raising funds for the international adoption center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, a facility that helps to facilitate international adoption. I was apart of something that inspired others to adopt and help orphans worldwide without even knowing it at the time. Now I'd like to help children out of the cycle of poverty in another way - through education -by partnering with the non-profit CoEd / Cooperative for Education. 

Non-Profit: CoEd

Cooperative For Education

No matter where a child is born or what their circumstances are, they deserve the opportunity to determine their own story.

Where poverty robs us of opportunities, education gives them back.

Meet Griselda & Zuli
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